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Written by Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 14 July 2012

Daddy built this house, in 1958
With blood, sweat and tears, 1500 from the bank
He worked two jobs to build a place, He knew was his own
To give us kids a better life and a house to call home

The house I call home, has a Blue Ridge Mountain view
And a garden that helped our family, see the winter through
Grandkids and great-grandkids, Mama's was never alone
The door was always open, to the house I call home

When I turned 18, the Navy called me away
Been 39 years now, almost 40 to the day
When I said goodbye, to go out on my own
I knew I could always come back, to the house I still call home

The house I call home, It's starting to show its age
And Mama's proud of what they did, on factory man's pay
Daddy's resting peacefully, Mama's living all alone
The door is still open, to the house I call home

TAG:  Daddy's up on the hill, Mama's living all alone
We're always welcome here,
To the house I call home,
The house I call home

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