• TUCSON

      Written by Barry P. Foley
      Copyright © 18 September 2004
      Final Version 16 Jan 2009

      Picked her up in Tulsa, I was skipping town
      She was waiting at a bus stop,  when she flagged me down
      I asked where she was headed,  said she didn’t care
      Her old man beat her,  there’s a better life out there

      For the first 300 miles,  all I got was her name
      I could see the marks on her face,  she sat quietly in shame
      The sun was starting to fall,  I found a cheap motel
      Said,“I’ll sleep on the couch“,  said ‚Äěthat’s just as well“

      Runnin’ from your past, no matter what it may be
      You can’t leave any tracks,  for others to see
      That’s why I picked Tucson,  perfect hide away
      No one there knew me, I think we’re safe to stay

      Another day of driving, only stopping to eat
      On the outskirts of Tucson,   we found a place to sleep
      She invited me to her bed,  with the motion of her hand
      Took off her wedding ring and laid it on the stand

      Next morning she made coffee, said there something I’ve gotta tell
      I was raised a good Christian girl, now I’m going straight to hell
      Too many times he beat me, couldn’t take it anymore
      So, I cut his throat and left him lying, in his blood on the floor

      I pulled out of Tucson,  sometime before one
      Can’t say where I’m headed, I’m just chasing the sun
      All I can remember, the slamming of the door
      She was crying and screaming, “I can’t take it anymore”

      Runnin’ from the law, its a game you can’t win
      She went down to the sheriff, turned herself in
      I’m heading out of Tucson, just as fast as I flee
      I don’t need Tucson, and Tucson; don’t need me


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