Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 9 September 2005 REVISED 18 APR 2020

 Me and Alice got married, the  week Buddy Holly died
She dreamed of going to Europe, but a baby pushed her dreams aside
 Vacations don’t come easy, on a factory man’s  pay
All the  money went to feed them kids and  keep the wolves at  bay

Alice  always talked about to London, and  dreamed about gay Parie
She read about Holland, while breast feeding the first baby
I  knew from the way her eyes lit up, how happy it made that gal
Come hell or high water, we were gonna make that trip somehow

 Once all the kids were grown, and a few  dollars in the  bank
Alice started dreaming again‚ till a sickness took her dreams  away

So everyday after work, I would sit by her bed
 I'd read her travel guides, for all the  places in her head
I made Alice a promise, I’d take her there some day
With the little money that we had left, I packed my Alice away

Now  Alice had a ball in London,and Paris sure was grand
 She swam the canals in Holland, on our last stop in Amsterdam

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