Written by:  Barry P. Foley
Copywrite @ 17 March 2005 revised 13.04.20

Jimmy joined the Army, the day he turned nineteen
Fresh out of high school, filled with hopes and dreams
 Becky knew that the day would come, that her Jimmy would go away,

She was shocked when he popped the question on her graduation day

The first ten years went by quickly, they moved every year or so
Jimmy was working on promotion which seemed to come so slow
Becky worked as a waitress, as they moved from state to state
She never complained to Jimmy, that the Army took first place

First Chorus
On that dreadful day in September, when the Towers filled the news
Jimmy headed off the war,  time to pay his dues

Becky dropped 20 pounds getting  ready for homecoming day
Tears filled her  eyes, when her Jimmy walked off the plane
War had taken it's toll, Jimmy  must have aged ten years
Something about Jimmy wasn’t right, he never shed a tear

2nd Chorus
He held her and he loved her, but he could not sleep at night
When Becky suggested getting help,conversations became a  fight

Becky did what she had to do, but she knew it was for the best
 Got him committed to a mental ward, diagnosed  with PTS
In Jimmy’s mind, he was a failure, he had let the Army down
He retired in disgrace, wandered back to his hometown

3RD Chorus
We see them numbers everyday, as the TV sorts ‘em out
Like those who die in battle are the only ones that count
You might come home in one piece, but still be broke inside
Becky blamed herself, the day, Jimmy took his life

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