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Gals & Guys Cover

1.  Don’t Blame It On Me (Feat Jolina Carl-Germany) (Lyrics)
2.  That Girl Who Sang Johnny Cash (Feat Marty Wolfe-Germany) (Lyrics)
3.  When All You Dreams Come True (Danielle Poot-The Netherlands) (Lyrics)
4.  Boom Chicka Boom (Feat:  Daniel T. Coates-Pennsylvania USA) (Lyrics)
5.  Fifty And Counting (Feat Ann Pascoe - New Zealand) (Lyrics)
6.  Get This Crap Out Of My Country (Feat Michael Lonstar-Poland) (Lyrics)
7.  Time For The Blues (Feat Vivian Searcy - Sweden) (Lyrics)
8.  Pretty Girls (Feat:  Doug Adkins) (Lyrics)
9.  Your Honky Tonk Angel (Feat Gitty-Germany) (Lyrics)
10. Maybe Tomorrow (Feat Danah Heiser-Germany) (Lyrics)
11. Heartache and Headache (Feat Danny June Smith-Germany) (Lyrics)
12. Guardian Angel (Feat Patty Wilson-Texas USA) (Lyrics)