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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 18 September 2004  updated 5 May 2020

A skinny little boy, down on the farm
Dreamed about life out past the barn
My 10th birthday, comes to my  mind
Daddy’s took me, across the  Countyline

The Countyline‘s a big deal for  me
Thought I was in the big city
Supermarkets, Drive-Ins and billboard signs
They had it all across the Countyline

1st Chorus:
Across the Countyline, they got beer for sale
Mama says, folks, going straight to hell
Boy when you grow up, you better walk that line
Cause sin's a'waiting across the Countyline

Over in Henry County, was the Saturday nite dance
Mama would've approve, but I took a chance
Got drunk on beer and homemade wine
But I never got caught, across the Countyline

Now I’m a grown man with kids of my own
20 years or more from my childhood Home
Down on 57, a big Welcome sign
Blow my horn a half a mile....when we cross the Countyline

2nd Chorus:
Across the  County line, a big world out there
Daddy said "Son, I'll keep you in my prayers
You can come back if you change your mind
We'll be waiting for you across the Countyline"

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