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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 14 APR 2020

Well, here we are together, locked away from the world
All for our own good, like it or  not
The likes we've never seen in our lifetime
Then again, may not be the last

It is time to understand that how precious life is
And how all those important things, really are not
Quickly we realize all those things that we so important
Can be stopped or whipped out with the blink on an eye

Have we read a book, or watched an old movie
Done little projects that we convinced ourselves we never had time
Have we called our Moms, or checked on the old
Offered to do the shopping, or whatever to help

So, what have we learned, what will we remember from all this
Will it be special passion, or respect or a gentle kindness
Or will the next month be business as usuall like nothing happened
What have we learned

Have we learned All those things we take for granted
Doctor's, nurses, and the ambulance drivers
The Delivery Man, who bring the things we buy online
So we won't have to do without

Its like the world has stopped turning, we're just standing around waiting
For someone to hit the switch and get it going again
Have we been worrying all this time, where the next dollar will come
Will we be kicked to street, because the greed of those who can

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