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Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 13 Feb 2018

Mama would have thrown a fit
Had she known I was in a Beer-Joint
Hanging out with good-for-nothing men
They took me down to Red & Mae's
Ordered me a 3.2 beer
I was still two years shy of drinking age

Had me a hamburger steak, the best one ever ate
Ain't I  a lucky man, when Saturday night came back around
You know where I'd be found, cause I was welcome at Red & Mae's

You know things could get wild,
But only once in a while
Red would say "You Boys take it outside"
Cousin Earl, got out of hand
Mae put him out with her frying pan
Something I'd never seen twice

Had me a hamburger steak, the best one in the state
Ain't I a lucky man, I knew when I left this town
I could always come back down, and be Welcome at Red & Mae's

Bridge: When I'm home for a little while
I want to spend it living-in-style
I wanna relive them good ole days!

Go get me a hamburger steak,
The best one ever ate, ain't I still a lucky man,
They been gone a long, long time, but that old neon sign still says
Welcome to Red and Mae's

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