1948 Header

Featuring Vivian Searcy- Sweden

Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 21 DECEMBER 2012

If you're ever in Switzerland, you can come and hear my band
Or maybe in the spring, we could meet in Amsterdam
Its so beautiful up there, when the tulips start to bloom
With all the tourists coming, I hope we can find a room

Or If you're ever in Berlin, I could fly up for a day
Take you shopping in the morning, have lunch by an old cafe
We can check out the wall and the Brandenburg gate
Have room service bring us dinner, so our love won't have to wait
If you ever feel lonely, just call me on the phone
No matter the time of day, for you I'm always home
We both knew this would be hard living so far apart
A singer and a dancer, married to their art

Why don't we take a break, sometime next fall
When your contract runs out and you're waiting for a call
There's plenty of work for a singer in the bars up your way
I'll put Switzerland behind me, come to your arms to stay

Second Chorus
Cause I always feel lonely, after you call me on the phone
Maybe its time to settle down, get a place to call our own
I want you to wake up in my arms, day after day
Never again have to worry how long you can stay