Written by:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 9 April 2004, Updated 5-May 2005

  A little bar across the tracks, on the Tex-Mex side of  town
I was told this where the best Tejano in Texas is  found
A pretty young senorita with long wavy black hair
She had her  eyes on me from the moment, that I got there

 She was dancing and twirling on a around a little dance  floor
Then she asked me to slow dance but her body said she wanted  more
She started to kiss me I heard the crash of  chair
This  guy was her husband she acted like he wasn’t  there

 He slapped her and yelled “puta”, which I know is Spanish for  whore
But she just  spit in his face, and knocked his drink to the  floor
 As he pulled out a knife, I saw a Policeman come  in
 Thought I was saved, but the  Cop was one of his  friends

 Next morning she posted my bail, the least she could  do
She said “you got to get even when your man is cheating on  you”
We drove to a pawn shop and sold, the all his toys for a  song
She said “We’ll  take all his money & party till its all  gone

 Her uncle had a cabina in Reynosa, where we could  stay
We made love on the back porch and drank Margarita’s all  day
But the first Sunday morning, her guilt start to set  in
She  ran to the Padre and  confessed all of her sins

With the  church bells still ringing, she threw out all of my  clothes
She  cussed me in Spanish, and told me, I had to go”
 Here I am walking with my thumb in the  air
Which  direction to go, this  gringo, don’t really  care

 Beware of the women, who use you just to do  wrong
And  not be a victim of another Tejano Love  Song