Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 8 Sep 2021  Pullman City Eging

 Someone in Colorado  loves me
Read the letter that came  today
 10 years old, living up in  Boulder
She was only  3 when she went  away

Me and her Mama had a big old fight
She said, that’s enough, I’m going back home
She packed up her truck in the middle of the night
By the next morning, she was gone

 No sad farewell, no goodbye kiss
Way too young to under  stand
About Jealousy and mistrust between
A woman and a man

Many a time, I have begged her mama
Let’s give it one more try
A least for the sake of our little girl
But I’m still being denied

I got to see her once, when she turned ten
Her mama brought her to the city park
Gave her a big ole Teddy Bear
Two precious hours together is all we got

 Making plans to move to  Boulder
Maybe  next year in the  fall
Try to be a Daddy to my little girl
But I know, I can’t have it  all

 Someone in Colorado  loves me
 Someone in Colorado  loves me
 And that’s all that matters