Written By: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 8 Sep 2021

I stopped by an old buddy, my hunting partner for many years
 Heard his wife left him last week he answered the door in tears
just shook his head, he said Dan

If these walls could talk, they would tell me, all the things that I did wrong
And I wouldn’t be here drinking whiskey all night long
Starring at phone, but walls don’t talk

 If these walls could see they would have seen all the times that she cried
When she asked where I was, and she knew that I lied
I hurt her pride but walls don’t see

Do I ask too much of plaster and wood
When  I’m the one to blame for all that went wrong
I’m all alone

 If these walls could hear, they would have heard her footsteps
And the  sound of her suitcase across the floor, the day she left
What did I expect, but walls don’t hear

 And walls don’t see, and walls don’t talk