Written by:  Barry P. Foley © 28 June 2010 PC Harz

 Gather around me people for there’s a  story you should know
Here  before your very eyes, you can  see it all unfold
The  Cowboys, Indians, and the American Buffalo
Witness for yourself, the Wild West Show

Back in 1830 the American Indian as we know
For a  thousand years had shared the land with the buffalo
Brave pioneers came over the prairies with  wagons loaded down
 Soon the Santa Fe Trail was dotted with new towns

The  Overland Stage is the highlight of the day
Bringing  gamblers, gunfighters and women who’ve lost their way
Old Doc.  Dee takes it all in as he walks down Main Street
The stage leaves him in the dust, with a schedule to keep

The 49ers rushed to California for the Gold
Where a man could get rich, so the story told
They  panned and dug night and day for nuggets in the ground
 Saloons & bordellos appeared overnight, casting  morals abound

In  1861 began the  War Between The States
 Brothers in Grey and Brothers in Blue filled the land with hate
For  5 long years thousands died on side by side
The  Union emerged the victor in 1865

 Ten years later the Chisolm Trail was  filled with cattle drives
One  million longhorn trecked over 800 miles
The  new code of the west, where the gun was the law
Dr.  Holiday and Brother’s Earp at the OK  Corral

 There you have it friends, how the West was won
The  pioneers, Gold Rush, Civil War, all wrapped in one
The Cowboys, Indians, and the American Buffalo
 Witness for yourself, Buffalo Bills Wild West Show