Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 28 Jul 2022

You wrote that I’m a modern woman, its funny you say that
I kinda still think of myself as a simple country girl
I guess I’ve done okay for myself
Surviving alone in this cruel, cruel world

You know dating in the 20’s ain’t like it used to be
Everyone’s using Dating Apps and social media
I still prefer meeting a man the old-fashioned way
I probably shouldn’t live so far out in the country

I can’t help but wonder, if I’m doing something wrong
I’ve been single again, for a while
My clock is ticking and I’d love to start a family
Is that asking too much of it all

But see, there’s this theme that keeps repeating
My relationships only seem to last 14 days
Its either I dump him or he dumps me
And we never really know the real reason

I’m not starting to sound pathetic am I
Yea, my parents have finally quit bugging me
What do you think about me dating a younger man
Does that sound crazy?

I can’t help but wonder, if I’m doing something wrong
I’ve been trying to stay positive through it all
My clock is keeps on ticking, but its’ slim picking
We’ll just have to let’s keep our fingers crossed

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