Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 11 Aug 2022

The date on the cornerstone reads April 1947
Roy built this house, with plans to live there forever
Planted two shade trees, seeking refuge from that hot summer sun
He got lucky and found a bigger place and by ’58 he was gone

It was the first house that my grandpa ever owned
When he moved there those shade trees were fully grown
Looking back at those old black and white photo’s of all the familiy gathered around
After 40 years of renting, Grandpa landed on solid ground

I remember sitting under those shade trees, many times when I was young
Helping Grandma shuck corn, back when that king of thing was still fun

I recall when Grandma passed on, when I was nine
Grandpa got married again and moved into town
By 75, the Bross family moved in really enjoyed the shade
Carter told me a couple years ago, one of the best decisions, he ever made

After 75 years those old shade trees are still standing strong
Families might come and go, but their memories live on

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