Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 15 Oct 2022

It always rains on my birthday, said the widow Langley

When I dropped by with a card and flowers, today she turned 93
She said “It didn’t rain when I turned 6, I can still remember that
Being born in late November, what can you expect”

She’s lived in that old house on Clearbrook, as long as I can remember
Her husband, Henry, passed away 23 years ago
Never had any kids, so they were, Aunt and Uncle for the neighborhood

Taught us boys how to fish and treat girls the way we should

Said, the world needs rain for the crops to grow,

And if it happens to be on my birthday, that’s the way it goes
“Some say its sign It washed your sins away
A chance to start all over, is what Mama used to say!

My Henry used to love the sound of rain, falling on our tin roof
And if raining on my birthday leads to a long life, I guess I’m living proof
Thanks for the card and flowers, I’m so happy that you came!

Do me a favor next October, Pray for rain”

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