(Abusive Man)

Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 18 Aug 2022

Tears rolled down her face, as shepacked up every box
She made a pile in the corner, of the things she didn’t want
Carried it all to the front door, planning her getaway
Thought, 13 years of my life, all Packed Up In One Day

She didn’t know where she was heading, but now is her chance to leave
Everything went south so quickly, she ain’t had time to think
Her mind was in a constant fog, with nothing left to say
Trying to understand it all, how it turned out this way

Leaving an abusive man, she’s been with 13 years
Never thought she could be so strong, never cried so many tears
Trying to understand it all, how her family could believe all his lies
Her safety net is in shreds, but she knows she will survive

Cut her hair,  took back her maiden name
Moved away from his controlling game
Got a place in the city, a two room flat
Took a good look in the mirror, ain’t no going back

No more hiding the bruises, she’s setting herself free
No longer caring if her family, tend to disagree
He promised to change a million times that story so damn old
She’s on her own again, learning to be in control

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