Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 8 APR 2022

Cary looked at his wife, with a toddler on her hip
Honey,  got that promotion up in New York  time to make that trip
 It’s been a year now since ole LBJ  signed that Housing bill

I  know it’s gonna be a tough row to hoe, but  we gotta climb that hill

Soon they were off to New York, to live the American dream
But finding a house in a nice neighborhood was not so easy it seemed

When a house was in the lily-white part of town, many time they were told,
Sorry folks, you’re a day late, that house is already sold

The  deck was stacked against them, at  each and every  turn

It didn’t  matter that he worked at IBM or how much  money that he  earned
The  system of exclusion was well in  place since way back  when
The  only thing that mattered was the  color of his  skin

But a friend down at the council, said their more than one way to skin a cat
Help him set up a little sting operation, catch those racists in a trap
We’ll have a white couple bid on your house, using your name

Once the contract is signed, it’ll be your house just the same

The  closing date came and with a  lawyer by his  side
When he  walked into the office, and the  agent lost his mind

Started  beating up on the lawyer  ordered his dog to  attack
When the  smoke cleared the neighborhood’s newest family  was  black

 With that first house the Booker  family on their way

Cause  wealth breeds wealth over and over  I heard Mr. Greenspan say
 Success stories just like this  are still rarely allowed
Not backing down to the racists  made Little Cory proud


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