Written by: Barry P. Foley
 Copyright @ 14 July 2012 Göttingen

 You might think you know me, by the  poster on the wall
You  see me on this stage, with this old  guitar
The lines on my face, or them callous on my hands
Don't tell the real  story, about who I  am

I've travelled down many roads, found a  bunch were hard
To make my place in the world, never thought I'd get this far
Beat them at their own game, maybe you'll understand
Living life under my terms now, that's who I am

More than a time or two, when I've spoken my mind
I paid a heavy price, some say I was left behind
It's  wasn't about right or wrong never gave a damn
Just bet it all on the  black, that's who I am

 I still speak my mind, every now and then
Ain't  worried about the price, I pay in the  end
That'll  all behind me now, I'm finally in  command
Singing  songs with this old guitar, that's  who I am

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