Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 8 October 2009 PC Harz

I’ve got an old pair of Cowboy boots  that I really love
They’re worn and tattered,  torn up inside, but they fit me like a  glove
I can wear them all day, wear them all night and they  never hurt my  feet
They’re working on sole number 3 or 4, my wife  tells me that they  stink

I’ve had this old cheap guitar, since I was 20 years old
It’s beat up and banged up as you might expect, after 40 years on the road
With a hundred or more autographs, got Willie Nelson’s too
Just like my old pair of Cowboy boots, it’s better than new

1st Bridge:
I’ve  got this old straw  Stetson, that’s seen its better  day
It’s been with me through thick and thin; don’t dare to throw it  away
It still  shades my eyes and balding head, from that  hot Texas  sun
Just like my old Cowboy Boots, I  keep it just for  fun

I’ve got this here wife of mine, for nearly 35 years
Despite this cruel, cruel world, she’s still my best friend
She loves me more than I deserve, considering what I’ve put her through
Just like my old Cowboy Boots, she sticks with me like glue

I’ve got fifty years of memories, some happy and some are sad
Reflecting back over my life, there were good years but some were bad
But memories are something that can’t be bought or sold
Even better than my old Cowboy boots, they’re are part of my  soul


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