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Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 27 May 2010 PC Harz

Heading  home from another show,  3:30 in the  morning
 Me and the 18 wheelers, keep that interstate  humming
We climb old Ben-Loc Mountain, to get to the other  side
I know it's just twenty more miles to  Exit  35

1st Chorus:
Exit 35, takes me home to my  lady
Regardless of the hour,  she always there  waiting
We’ll sit on the back porch and talk till the dawning of the day
Close the curtains; sleep the morning away

200 shows a year, my life flies on by
Never time to be father, can’t keep me, a wife
It four in the morning, I see that old gas station sign
Telling me its one more mile, to Exit 35

2nd Chorus
Exit 35, takes me home to my baby
Regardless of the hour, she'll be there waiting
We’ll sit on the back porch and drink, till the sun shows his face
Get up and close the curtains; life turns another page

Some times, she loves me , thru the dawning of the  day
She lays in my arms;  and in my arms she'll stay