Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright 24 Jan 2021

 Don’t talk to me about Wall Street, or where the DOW closed  today
I could care less about the GDP or your 401K
You say the economy is great, best it’s ever been
For us folks on Main Street, it’s where misery  begins

I make $12 a hour, ain’t seen a raise since day  one
All that talk about a living wage, well it ain’t never gonna  come
Working two jobs just keep the wolves from our  door
This land of milk and honey, is hell, for the working poor

 I made foreman at 35 , a big raise and a family  plan
When the factory closed, thank God, Daddy gave us a helping  hand
 My wife works nights, to keep our weekends  free
 I see the sadness in eyes, and I wonder if she’s still loves  me

I should have  stayed in the Navy and  retired a long time  ago
 Or moved to Carolina, when things got bad, like some folks that I  know
Our  kids understand that Mama and  Daddy can’t afford a whole lot  more
 This land of milk and honey, is  hell, for the working poor

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