Written by: Barry P. Foley
© 09 June 2010 Themitz updated 9 Apr 2020

Grandpa married Grandma, 90 years odd ago
Grandpa was just a poor country boy, little money could he show
Her dowry was a pair of mules and 20 acres of good land
Her Daddy said son, build a house and start a family, do the best ya can

1st Chorus
He built a house up in the holler, with sweat of his own brow
Raised 4 boys and my mama, doing the best he knew how

My Daddy married my Mama and they moved into to town
He had just got home from the war; took the first job that he found

2nd Chorus
We’d drive back up in the holler‘, place my mama still called home
Grandpa would take me a’fishing, to his secret fishing hole

Not much left up in that holler,but memories and an old shack
Family’s spread over 5 different states, no one ever comes back


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