Written by:  Barry P. Foley
Original Idea 2012 © 11 May 2020

It was a lazy afternoon, on the quiet side of town
Young girl walks in, the bartender looks her up and down
Orders a glass of chardonnay, you hear the bartender say
You know I got to ask

She smiles and hands over her license
Says today I'm turned twenty four
Well Happy Birthday, young lady,
That wine is on the house

Then the bartender says, “excuse me for being bold
But why is a pretty redhead,  celebrating all alone
If  I were a younger man, I'd be  falling all over you”
She gave him a wink and a big old smile

She said, do you believe in Fairy Tales?
Where a young maiden meets a prince
He whisks her off to his  castle
She ain't been the same ever since

And happiness that supposed to be forever
And with No  fairy godmother  to save me
That Prince was more like a frog, the morning after
So much for the happy ending

Yea, I know I keep lying to myself
Seems like every month or  so
I go back down to that river bank
I give I t one more try

Cause I, still  believe in Fairy Tales
Where the young maiden meets her prince
He whisks her off to his  castle
They live, happily forever after

So the bartender says, well,” I take it
You've kissed a lot of frogs”

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