Written by: Barry P. Foley
Original Idea 12 APR 2013 © 11 May 2020

The  first signs of spring, buds showing on the  trees
 Standing on the back porch, facing the warmth from the  breeze
I  begged her not to go, til the ground was dry
She said, I told you I'm leaving, at the first signs of  spring

On the  first day of May, I got a postcard in the  mail
Read: Don't  worry about me baby, I taking good care of  myself
It was  postmarked in Dallas, but I know how it  goes
A truck  driver could have mailed it,  for all  I know

1st Chorus
It was late in the winter when, she confessed to me
She was  not happy with her life
Said it's not your fault, believe it or not
I still want to be your wife
 But I'm the first signs of  spring

Come the  first of July, ain't heard from her in  months
 Went to see her Mama, put fresh flowers on her  grave
That  stone might have answers, she was the roaming  kind
If this  drags on much longer, I'll  lose my  mind

2nd Chorus
By the first of December, it was clear by then
She ain't  coming back, says all my friends
I know it's not my fault, believe it or not
I  I'll still take her back, no  matter what
 Can't believe she's been gone..since the first signs of  spring

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