Written by Barry P. Foley
    Copyright 01 October 2006

    I love the springtime, and the smell that's in the air
    When  trees start to bloom and there’s  flowers everywhere
    Brings new life, and a new  hope for us all
    I love the Springtime much more than I love the Fall

    I love the Fall for the gentle  change in the weather
    Night air gets cool enough to wear my old Navy sweater
    And the world keeps on turning, when  our lives are in a rut
    I love the Fall after Summer gives up

    I love the Summertime when the night air stays warm
    As  garden turns green and there is silver silk on the corn
    The  sun rises early so peace might have a chance
    I  love the Summertime more than a Winter romance

    I love the Winter when the  ground is covered with fresh Snow
    A  roaring fire warms my feet, was well as my soul,
    A time to gather up our thoughts and write new songs to sing
    I survive the Winter by looking forward to Spring

    I love the four seasons, and all the changes it brings
    The good and the bad as the pendulum swings
    But my favorite season is the long season of life
    And the love of my baby girl and the love of my wife

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