From Napoli With Love
(Without You)

Written by: Barry P. Foley
Copyright @ 22 Feb 2013

 Standing at the ticket counter, with my  passport in my hand
Heading  south for some sunshine, or maybe the promised  land
This  suitcase might feel empty, but its  filled up to the brim
 Memories of you that keep,  haunting me  again

Took a taxi to our favorite hotel, got a double room with a view
That bed that used to seem too small, I'm lost in it without you
Thought I could get some sleep, rest up from today's flight
Ain't nothing worth watching on TV, gonna be a hell of a long night

Chorus:  Without  you, oh, without  you, without  you

Next morning brought food to the lost souls, sleeping on the street
Gave a twenty to every beggar, for blessed are the meek
I went for coffee in the Galeria, that favorite place of mine
Wandered around and around in circles, just got lost up in time

Up the alley was a little trattoria, where we would go and sit for hours
Tune out the world, just me and you and that old gypsy selling flowers
No fun eating alone, I have quickly come to find
If I keep talking to myself like this, folks gonna think I lost my mind

Without  you, oh, without  you, without  you

Wrote a postcard to my Mama, signed it, "From Napoli With Love
Dropped it in that little red mailbox, walked out in traffic to try my luck

Without  you, oh, without  you, without  you

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