Written By: Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 19 OCT 2021

My text said 102 Clearbrook Lane, you can, pick me up at 8
I  thought, well my buddy Dan finally came through, and got me a Blind  Date
Her mama answered the door and said its  nice to meet you Pete
In walks a Marilyn Monroe wannabee made my heart skip a beat

Not two minutes down the road, she grabbed my hand
Said, you know, I’ve got an idea, a slight change of  plans
 What you’d spend on for dinner and drinks, it’s pretty good fee
Let’s get a cheap motel, grab a bottle of Jack and hit the KFC

1st chorus
I said  that would great, there a Motel 6  up a mile or so
We hit the  drive-thru at the KFC and got a  bucket to go
She  did things I’ve only read about in,  Playboy magazine
I  tried my best to keep up, well  you know what I  mean

 Waiting on round #2, she must have downed 6 shots of Jack
I had to  hold her off a bit, giving me time to come  back
She  knew so many ways to please man, she  plumb wore me out
But after  3 more shots of Jack, she went down for the  count

I dozed off for a bit,  woke up to the rising sun
Peaking through a hole in the shades, I just sat there  stunned
So  I snuggled up to her hoping we might make a go again
I was ready, if she was willing, but her hangover was kicking in

2nd chorus
While she  took a shower I ran over to the Krispy Kream
 She was drinking her coffee, checking her phone and she let out a scream
Said let me guess, you don’t work in the Mayor’s Office, and your name ain’t Pete
I said nope, I work down at NAPA Parts Store, and my name’s Bill!

TAG Best Blind Date I’ve ever been on, and my name’s Bill!
Actually is William, but I go by Bill,
 but hey, babes can call me Pete, I’m okay with that
Even her Mama was hot