Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 18 Aug 2022

It’s just a phase, darling, don’t you worry
Just let him get it out of his system
Every young man goes through something like this
It’s totally normal, just flow with it

Great words of wisdom, some adult advice
Those words were spoken by my in-laws
Trying to guide their newly-wed daughter
They had no clue why they were wrong

Just a phase, that old clique
Intended as a word of consolation
When someone doesn’t fit their social norm
The only reasonable explanation

This PHASE started, long before the guitar
Cause I always wanted to sing
But I quickly found out there is much more to it
When the Hag took me under his wing

Well many years have passed since that grand advice
And my wife has always been there by my side
We’ve laughed many times about it being Just a Phase
I look back on it as a sense of pride


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