Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 5 Nov 2022

The boss says folks it’s that time of the year again
I’m putting together the plan for the holiday season
I need volunteers to be on call Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
It pays time and a half, but I want you to have your say

I spoke up and said I’ll take both, if y’all don’t mind
I’ll just be home catching up on my reading time
After the meeting the boss pulled me to a side room
Said Bobby, you did this last year, is it okay with you?

I said Mr. Johnson, there’s something you need to know
I’m single and I’ve got nowhere, I wanna go
See, I was raised an Orphan and the holidays don’t bring good memories
Might as well get paid time and a half for my misery

Well I could see that bit of news nearly brought him to his knees
He turned his head for a minute, so I couldn’t see
Then, he looked back with a teary-eyes and I said, I never knew
I understand Bobby, cause I’m an orphan too

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