Written By:  Barry P. Foley
Pullman City Eging Copyright © 28 Jul 2022

 This house was built in 1910, by two old men

With old wood from a run-down  store
And just three rooms with a hillside view
And dirt made up the floor

This house remembers, when Grandma & Grandpa got married
Needed a place to start a family
For 25 sawmill dollars and an old blue tick hound
They moved into Kibler Valley

1st Chorus
Grandpa put in the floor before the first child was born
He built another room to the back before number two
 Built a covered front porch, and two rocking chairs
So Grandma could enjoy their hillside view

This house remembers when my Daddy, fell off the porch
Broke his arm and his mama’s heart
When all the kids one by one, grew up and left home
Headed to town to make their start

 This house remembers, when  Grandpa passed on
And none of the kids wanted to live in Kilber Valley
With some modern changes, the  house did its part
To make a young Veteran and his wife so  happy

2nd chorus
This house remembers everyone, that ever lived in it
No matter for how short or how long
Their voices echo in the rooms and down the halls
When no one is home

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