Written by:  Barry P. Foley
Copyright © 21 Jul 2022

Last night of a six-week run, the band put on a good show
Call came in to add one more date, no way I’d say no
We got there at three, loaded in, little sound check and we were done
Hotel had an indoor pool, so, the band had a little fun

I headed to office to clear the books, but the owner was running late
From the corner of my eye, I saw a redhead, coming my way
My God, it was sweet Jenny, from 10 years ago
My hearts dropped to the floor, I prayed it would not show

She kept looking at me, and she said I think I know ya
You say you never played the Wild Horse before
I just kept on starring, thinking yea, it was love at first sight
I’ve got a second chance, this time, I’ll get it right

The crowd wore out the dance floor and the band was on fire
I got her attention, when we played “Jenny Works In There”

She kept giving me a smile, every time she walked by
I knew something was gonna happen, by the look in her eye!

Jenny was waiting by the stage when I put my guitar down
Said I’m off in an hour, if you wanna hang around
Threw the drummer the keys, said I see yall back in Tulsa
Might be a day, might be a week you never know

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