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    Feat:  TIna Spears

    Written by Barry P. Foley
    Copyright 20 June 21

    Aunt Harriet worked for the Avery Family on Detroit Avenue
    She cooks and cleans 6 days a week, she does the laundry too
    Been working for that family long before Little Ruthie came around
    She lives in a room in the back of their big two story brickhouse

Thursday nights in Tulsa, across the tracks in Greenwood
It was the maid’s day off, when they all come back to the neighborhood
You might think you’re up in Harlem, with all the party’s going down
Cause Thursday nights in Tulsa, Mama can’t wait to hit the town!

Thursday nights was the time to forget about white folks across the tracks
Come home to their old man, get some loving, before has to go back

Half an hour walk for Harriet to make the trek to Archer St,
Where her man and two young daughters live in a house oh so meek
But it their house, bought and paid for, from the well earned money as a maid
And the garage that her husband ran, and all they had saved

Thursday nights with a Chicago band at the Paris Club
Drinking bootleg wine, drag the old man out on the floor and cut a rug
Make it home by two spent the rest of the night making love

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