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Front Cover Tulsa copy

1. Greenwood (Lyrics)
2. Black Wall Street (Narration by Vincent Bates) (Lyrics)
3. Thursday Night (with Tina Spears) (Lyrics)
4. Tulsa Leadership (Narration by Daniel T. Coates) (Lyrics)
5.  A Hundred Years Ago (Lyrics)
6.  Lil’ Jimmy Jones (Lyrics)
7.  Dick And Sarah (Lyrics)
8.  Sheriff McCullough (Lyrics)
9.  Riots of the Red Summer (Narration by Daniel T. Coates) (Lyrics)
10. Red Summer (Lyrics)
11. Lynchings and the KKK (Narration by Vincent Bates) (Lyrics)
12. Grandpa Johnson (Feat:  Vincent Bates) (Lyrics)

13. Survivors (Feat: Sapphire & Vincent Bates (Lyrics)
14. Reflections (Lyrics)

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Burning Of Tulsa" is a "Folk Opera" album documenting and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacres.  The songs and narrations cover many aspects of life in the Negro district of Tulsa called Greenwood