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Written by:  Barry P. Foley
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African American’s call the year 1919 “Red Summer”  for all the blood spilled by the black man. Whites call them race riots, which post Civil Rights generations think only in the terms of Black People rioting and looting, burning down their own neighborhoods.

That was not the case in 1919.  When the 40 documented incidents began solely to purpose of the white man demonstrating his domination over the black man and his resentment that many where living as good or better than working class whites.

For the record, here’s a list of documented race riots of 1919. It’s a long list

05 Apr Sylvester Georgia
10 Apr Morgan County WV
13 April Jenkins County, Millen, Georgia
10 May Charleston, South Carolina
25 May Milan, Georgia
31 May Monticello, Mississippi
7 Jun  Macon, Mississippi
13 Jun New London, Connecticut
27 Jun Annapolis, Maryland and Macon Mississippi again
6 Jul  Dublin, Georgia
7 Jul  Philadelphia, Penn
8 Jul  Coatesville, Pennsylvania

9 Jul  Tuscaloosa, Alabama
10 July Longview, Texas
11 July Baltimore, Maryland
12 Jul Darby, Pennsylvania
14 Jul Indianapolis Indiana
15 July Port Arthur, Texas
19-23 July Washington, D.C.
21 July Norfolk, Virginia
23 July New Orleans, Louisiana
26 July Hobson City, Alabama

27 July- August 3- Chicago, Illinois
28 Jul Newberry, South Carolina
31 July Syracuse, New York

1 Aug Whatley, Alabama
5 Aug Lexington, Nebraska NADA
18 Aug Mulberry, Florida
Mid Aug Baltimore, Maryland
21 Aug New York City

30 Aug Knoxville, Tennessee
27-29 Aug Ocgulmee, Laurens County, Georgia
16 Sep New York City again
25 Sep Omaha, Nebraska
1 Oct  Elaine, Arkansas
4 Oct  Gary Indiana
9 Oct  Donora,Pennsylvania
10 Oct Hubbard, Ohio
30 Oct Corbin, Kentucky
13 Nov Wilmington, Delaware
22 Nov  Bogalusa, Louisiana

Nothing to be proud of


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